Higher Education ConsultingKane Consulting and Coaching provides services to individuals and institutions to help them achieve their goals.

Jacqueline A. Kane Ph.D. is a seasoned higher education professional with expertise in working with higher education institutions in all sectors including public, independent and proprietary institutions and in degree programs from the associate degree to the academic doctorate.

As a coach and mentor, Dr. Kane has formally and informally used her knowledge, wisdom, and experience to help people identify and achieve personal goals and move to higher stages of personal awareness and effectiveness.

Jackie has a demonstrated ability to “win compliance” and build consensus by building relationships with and gaining the trust of institutional representatives at all levels and providing constructive feedback resulting in “win-wins” for all.

She has extensive experience in navigating a comprehensive regulatory higher education environment while serving as staff to the New York State Board of Regents.

Jackie has comprehensive experience in promoting, developing and implementing quality education, higher education programs and activities to conform to established practices, standards and/or regulations with expertise in program registration, degree authorization and institutional accreditation.

Multi Tasking

Recently, I seem to be seeing lots of articles on this topic of multi tasking. I reasoned that there is so much press about this topic is because the increasing number of distractions we are confronted with on a every second basis, mostly from our pocket electronic devices. I used to think that I was …

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Begin With The End In Mind – Your Dissertation Topic

When I first thought about writing this post, I was going to say that no one enters a doctoral program without having some question they want to answer or they really want to dig down into the nitty gritty of something. Then I thought about a little and realized that I do know some people, …

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