"Dr. Kane is the one to know. Her knowledge of higher education programs with all the rules and regulations is a huge advantage in her consultancy. Combine that with her professional contacts, Dr. Kane is the person to know in New York State."

Theresa Canada
Professor/Chairperson at Western Connecticut State University
“It is a great pleasure to endorse Dr. Jacqueline Kane. I have known Dr. Kane for over 10 years in her role as an Associate in Higher Education at NYSED. Jacqueline’s in-depth knowledge of higher education is unparalleled. She has been a great advisor through both good and challenging times. Always supportive and open minded, she has the ability to deliver invaluable insights. Her success is intricately tied to her personality; she is a warm, caring and sensitive individual. Coupling her emotional intelligence with her practical wisdom and expertise is what makes Dr. Kane a truly unique professional.

Recently, our college hired Dr. Kane as a consultant in assisting us through the process of submitting the Self-Study to the New York State Board of Regents. She has provided us with invaluable guidance that has been crucial to our success. Her professionalism and expertise, as well as her detailed knowledge of the New York State regulations, has made the process smooth and efficient. I would highly and readily recommend Dr. Kane for any consulting engagement related to the higher education field.”

Elena Estrin
Academic Dean at Globe Institute of Technology
“Jacqueline is a consummate professional who has helped us decipher complicated and intricate terminology and regulations, as well as serving as an expert consultant in recommending course of action, especially regarding state higher education regulations. Jacqueline is reliable and easy to work with. I highly recommend her to you.”

Mary Beth Del Balzo
Vice President at The College of Westchester and LCSW
“Jacqueline A. Kane is an expert in higher education. Slowly forming a new type of theater school for graduates of high school, universities and professionals there are very few people that are able to advise one in this area and really know these very specific areas of education. I found Jacqueline A. Kane, very kind, professional, to the point and knowing her subject of expertise. She also does not pretend to know something about an area, when she does not know it. She will tell you how she can help and when in your process she will best be able to assist you. I plan to contact Jacqueline A. Kane again for my project in the future.”

Stanley Sherman
Performer, Clown, Actor, Mask Performance, Commedia dell'Arte, Director at Stanly Allan Sherman

“Jacqueline A. Kane founded ABWHE and continues to serve on the board. She has demonstrated consistent leadership in promoting the organization over many years and is committed to the leadership development of women, especially in higher education. Jackie has honed her organizational skills during her professional career and in myriad volunteer services. She is a consensus  builder in group settings in which challenging issues and opposing points of view are being discussed.”

Lea E. Williams
Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs/IPAR at North Carolina A&T State University

“It was my pleasure to work with Jacqueline Kane while she was an Associate in Higher Education at the NY State Department of Education (NYSED). When my institution was seeking authorization and registration of its new, first ever doctoral degree program, Jackie was our NYSED point of contact. She provided us expert assistance, guidance, information, and support throughout the lengthy process while also successfully managing everything internally with the Department and the Regents. I'm delighted to have this opportunity to recommend her highly.”

Merrily Sterns
Vice President, Institutional Advancement at American Museum of Natural History
“Jackie Kane is a knowledgeable professional when it comes to New York State Education Department laws, rules and regulations. As a result of her experience and guidance, we were able to successfully navigate the process for obtaining authority to grant degrees in NYS. She provided invaluable help to us during this time (which exceeded two years).”

Barbara Inkellis
SVP and General Counsel at Cambridge Information Group
“Dr. Kane was a key New York State Education Department Representative for Interboro Institute while I was president. She provided me with insights and guidance that were crucial to Interboro becoming compliant with the State regulations. Her knowledge, experience, and skills are tops in her field.”

Michael J. OBrien
“I worked with Jacqueline Kane for many years. She was a delightful and caring person with whom to work. She was helpful, cooperative, diligent and responsible. She said what she meant and meant what she said. I unequivocally recommend her to the general public.”

Harvey Hoffman
College Accreditation Services - Education Consulting
“Dr. Kane provided wise counsel and demonstrated a keen understanding of for-profit institutions such as The College of Westchester, whose longstanding mission is and continues to be the offer of a brighter future through higher education. Our demographic is the increasing immigrant population, especially students of Hispanic and Caribbean descent. Our curriculum focuses on practical and theoretical content delivered by practitioners in accounting, business, health-care and project management. Dr. Kane provided dispassionate curricular evaluations and recommendations. She tempered her feedback with demonstrable flexibility in the way our unique institution could illustrate compliance with state requirements. Her mentoring resulted in the approval of our first undergraduate program and, ultimately, the achievement of a well-regarded regional accreditation: Middles States. Our institution was well-served by Dr. Kane's experience, engagement, and expertise.”

Sheryl Smikle, PhD, PMP
Learning and Communications Leader