"Dr. Kane is an experienced and dedicated professional in the field of higher education. She possesses invaluable knowledge in the areas of academic program development and program evaluation. She is an exceptional program reviewer with an eye for detail and depth. She has successfully headed several team visits to colleges accredited by the New York State Department of Education. During the accreditation visits she provided team members with invaluable structure and detail to create an environment that was productive and useful for the visiting team and the institution."

Gladys Schrynemakers
Assistant Provost at Long Island University
"I have worked closely with Dr. Kane in her capacity at NYSED for many years. She has always been the consumate professional. She is knowledgeable in higher education in general and the idiosyncracies of NYSED in particular, and skillful in her ability to communicate complex regulatory and other internal issues to college professionals -- both those who want to hear her recommendations and those who don't!! She is widely respected in the higher ed. community as a result of her effectiveness and supportive efforts at improving the success of the colleges and their administrators with whom she works."

Ward Deutschman
Consulting in Educational Management, and F-1/J-1 Student Services