“Dr. Jacqueline A. Kane is one of the finest higher education professionals that I have had the opportunity to work with over the last two decades.

Not only is she an expert on the regulation of higher education, but she is also a strategic thinker capable of designing effective academic support initiatives that improve retention and lead to student success. Most importantly, Dr. Kane has a collegial demeanor that has earned her the respect of students, faculty, and administrators at college campuses of every size and description.

Based upon my personal observations and experiences, it is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Jacqueline A. Kane to you. If you have any questions about her background and qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.”

David M. Cohen, Esq.
President/CEO at Institute of Audio Research
“I greatly appreciate you help (and sense of humor) that you provided during our application process.”

Edward Qualey
Department Chair at Hilbert College
“I want to personally thank you for all the guidance you provided during the process. It was a pleasure working with you.”

Sonja Jackson
Dean of Curriculum and Instruction at New York City College of Technology
“Thanks for your interest, sagacious review, support and enthusiastic memories of the museum.”

Michael Novacek
Provost, Richard Gilder Graduate School at the American Museum of Natural History
“Thank you very much for speaking with me and for giving me an opportunity to express again how anxious we are to move this process forward.

Knowing you are working with us and helping us in our quest to move in that direction is very important to all of us.”

Anita Brownstein
Vice President Academic Affairs at Career Institute of Health and Technology
“Your presence on the Team Evaluation Visit was greatly appreciated. Your perspective of The College was invaluable because it provided our colleagues with important background information and validated key points pertinent to our many discussions.
You have consistently demonstrated that you understand and support The College in its endeavors. I sincerely thank you for your direction and facilitation as we continue to grow and expand.”

Karen J. Smith
President at The College of Westchester
“I keep telling people ‘Dr. Kane gets the job done!’ Thanks again!

Jerome Contee
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs at Fordham University
“Dr. Jacqueline Kane particularly deserves our gratitude for being so patient with our efforts to comply with SED recommendations and requirements, our college is better for the close working relationship.”

Philip Stander
Academic Dean at Long Island Business Institute
“I requested your assistance to critique my graduate thesis question. Your feedback was so instrumental in furthering my opportunity to graduate. Thank you once again.”

Valerie Benjamin
Michigan State University
"You were a valuable New York State resource for both me and the Team.

My work now ended, which is an opportunity for me to let you know that your insights relative to proprietary education were a significant contributing factor to the good work produced by the Team.

I personally appreciated the colleague-ship and forthrightness that you exhibited in working with us on this visit."

Gena Proulx
Middle States Commission on Higher Education, Team Chair